10 tell-tale signs that you’re a digital hoarder

Think you might be a digital hoarder? These 10 signs will tell you for sure…

Pile of paperwork wired to a hard drive

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there…

  1. You own more memory sticks than you can actually find
  2. You have accounts on all the cool clouds
  3. You’ve bookmarked more websites than you could ever revisit in your lifetime
  4. Clipping to Evernote has become a nervous twitch
  5. You keep all your digital photos, even that one when you left the lens cap on
  6. You drag to folder more often than you delete in your mailbox
  7. ‘But I might need it’ pops into your head at least once a day
  8. You don’t know what your desktop background is because you can’t see it
  9. You’re trialling more new apps than there are days in the week
  10. You’re reading this post

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