GetApp reviews Turbine: Eliminate paper without losing the trail

Check out GetApp’s very lovely review of Turbine. It’s great to know we really are taking the work out of paperwork.

GetApp review of Turbine

“I honestly can’t think of anything bad about Turbine.”

Turbine has received a very lovely and comprehensive review from GetApp. It’s definitely worth a read, but if you are pushed for time, here are a few choice quotes:

  • “The interface is responsive, designed superbly, and efficient.”
  • “When trying to eliminate too much paperwork it’s exactly what a small business needs.”
  • “The reason the program is so good is that the creator actually uses it himself in his business.”
  • “I believe that Turbine has accomplished the goal of  ‘taking the work out of paperwork’!”

Thank you very much Stephanie Watson, and GetApp, it’s good to know we’re getting it right.

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