Turbine V8: New features and update schedule

We have been working hard for the last few months completely overhauling the Turbine application. The new version has an improved design and new features.

Turbine upgrade to V8 – chalkboard with sketched lightbulbs

We have been working hard for the last few months completely overhauling the Turbine application. The new version is codenamed ‘Slim’. We hope to go live with it on Saturday 22nd. This means that the site will be temporarily unavailable for a few hours while we migrate the system.

What’s changed

There are many improvements, including:

  • New, responsive user design. As you resize the browser window, watch the site reconfigure itself. It works on every screen size from an HD monitor down to an iPhone screen. This means we will be dropping the dedicated mobile version – you can just access the regular site on your smart phone and it’ll work just fine.
  • Improved user interface.  The whole system looks better with new user interface elements such as type-and-search for employee names in the appraisal system etc.
  • Clearer time off reporting. The system now shows you how many days you have been given, booked, approved and taken.
  • New dashboard. This shows a list of relevant requests in chronological order.
  • Behind the scenes. We’ve improved the way the system sends emails, deals with editing requests and a whole bunch more.
  • Performance. The new design is snappier and uses caching and other tricks to make it faster. Using the new filter menu, for example, is much quicker.



Side-by-side view on a wide screen

Purchase request-w480-h480

Purchase request appearing over the top of the list on a smaller screen

Where has everything gone?

On the old system, there was a menu on the right hand side. This functionality has moved. The search box is now on the top menu and the request, print, filter, export and handbook buttons are at the top of the page.



On a request, the Approve, Reject buttons have moved to the top of the request form. Just click on ‘Approved’ to approve it etc. The edit, delete and print buttons have moved there too.


The comment discussion feature has moved to the bottom of the request form. Just type your answer and click ‘Answer’.


Basically, if it’s blue, click it!

What’s next?

We’ll be ironing out the kinks, hunting the gremlins and fixing the bugs over the next couple of weeks. We welcome your feedback and questions. We’ll also be moving data centres next week and this will involve a short 1-2 hour outage, probably early morning London time. This will bring us even more performance.

What hasn’t changed (yet)

We haven’t moved all the modules over to the new user interface yet so you’ll see a few parts of the application in the old livery, including the calendar view, employee list, messages, forms, the staff handbook, feedback and the settings pages. We will be moving these elements over to the new look and feel in stages over the coming months.

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