Turbine Version 8.7 Release Notes

Turbine V8.7 sees big improvements in search, export and other functionality as well as some minor bug fixes.

Hands typing on keyboard – Turbine release notes

We’ve been busy again. Today we released Turbine V8.7. Mainly minor improvements and bug fixes.

Search was a big area of improvement:

  • The search box is always open so you don’t need to click on the magnifying glass. We found that people didn’t always see it and it’s a powerful tool for finding the information you want.
  • You can search POs by supplier name.
  • The search box is now dynamic so the view in the list changes as you type and if you click the cross to clear the search box

Other improvements and fixes include:

  • We fixed an annoying bug with Internet Explorer which happened when you tried to export a CSV file and just clicked ‘open’. Now it actually opens instead of freezing IE. Don’t blame us – it’s another case of Internet Explorer eccentricities.
  • You can add information on the company settings page, such as uploading a logo, without being forced to enter a postal address.
  • When you export expenses and purchases to a CSV file, it now includes the net, tax and gross amounts.
  • When you add a new supplier manually to a PO and then try to edit the PO later, the supplier had disappeared. We fixed this.
  • Ex-employee requests are no longer shown on any list.
  • You can now export a .ICS calendar showing the details of a single request. In Outlook, this will open as a new calendar but you can also import it into an existing one.
  • We set the default country for suppliers and for the company settings to UK rather than Afghanistan. Of course, if you’re based in Afghanistan or anywhere else, you can edit this.
  • An improved icon for the calendar view
  • Each request now has a unique serial number, even if you delete the request and then add a new one in its place.
  • We added a close button to Turbine messages
  • We added some validation for bulk user invitations

Next up: improvements to the calendar view.

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