Turbine Version 8.9 release notes

We’ve been super-busy tidying up Turbine for the holidays. The new version includes lots of bug fixes and some nice new features like cloning requests.

Improvement straight ahead sign

We’ve been super-busy tidying up Turbine for the holidays. The last two iterations included lots of bug fixes:

  • Fix JavaScript bug on login page
  • New wait screen for people signing up for a free trial
  • If a user hasn’t accepted an earlier invitation, we now resend it if they try to reset their password
  • Changing approval rules too quickly doesn’t produce an error any more
  • Opening schedule page error fix
  • If a user selects an unlimited time off category (e.g. sick leave) then we toggle off the holiday balance from the request form. This is also useful for companies that don’t use limited time off categories to track holiday.
  • Company emails show site name if company name is empty
  • Fix purchase calculation for dashboard so it shows the gross amount not the net amount
  • Improved the grammar when we report days off
  • Added the ability to clone a purchase or expense claim to speed up repeat requests
  • Big refactoring of the code underlying the calendar display to make the codebase more understandable, flexible and robust.
  • Strip spaces from email addresses so that you don’t get an error message if you cut and paste one from Word etc.
  • Fix ASCII symbols in emails
  • Move clone button to the export menu
  • Add ability to type any utf-8 symbols (include Russian) in the line item name and purchase fields without validation failing.
  • Add dynamic warning when you book time off in the next holiday year or if you exceed your allowance
  • Dashboard now shows only active modules, so if you disable a module, you don’t see old requests from it
  • Other minor or internal-only improvements and fixes

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