10 Dropbox hacks of the ancient cloud wizards

Ten amazingly-useful tips that will help you get more out of Dropbox, the cloud storage application.

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‘We are replacing the hard drive,’ said Dropbox CEO Drew Houston earlier this year. He’s right. It’s already a big part of the way we work here at Turbine and our parent company, Articulate. Over the years, we’ve explored different ways of doing more with it and here are a few suggestions:

  1. IFTTT it. If This Then That is a cool tool that automates routine tasks between cloud applications. For example, you can use it to download any new photos you upload to Instagram.
  2. Back it up. I use Dropbox to backup my work. It syncs on my laptop and desktop but also on my server so there is a full backup of all my key files on multiple machines. You could also set it up to automatically back up to an offsite PC. And you can use it to backup WordPress websites.
  3. Keep it secret. Protect your data with two-step authentication. It might help prevent an epic hack.
  4. Encrypt it. Stop prying eyes accessing files stored on your Dropbox with encryption. Check out Boxcryptor.
  5. Do it on your iPhone and iPad. I use DocsToGo on my iPhone and iPad along with Dropbox. They work hand in hand so I can open and edit any of my work documents on the go.
  6. Make your friends use it. The free version is limited to a few gigabytes of storage. If you can persuade your friends to sign up, you get bonus free storage. (I pay for more storage.)
  7. Go back to it. Ever wished you could go back to an earlier version of a document? With Packrat, you can – it stores every revision to every document. It costs a bit more than a Pro account but it’s worth it for the peace of mind.
  8. Upload it. Check out DropItToMe, which lets people upload files to your Dropbox library.
  9. Communicate it. At Articulate, we have a shared folder called ‘Reference Library’ (I couldn’t cope with calling it a ‘knowledgebase’). It contains style guides, essential information and policy documents. We’re trying to be lean when it comes to paperwork and this folder is our ‘minimum viable bureaucracy’.
  10. Email it. Send To Dropbox lets you email attachments to your Dropbox. Cool.

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