Best of the web on British startups

Best of the web on British startups, in no particular order, this fine Friday. Because sometimes celebrating the best of British is just a good thing to do.

row of Union flags

Some of us missed the cutoff for becoming a seventeen year old tech success story, but there is plenty of room in British business for other successes. Add a few key ingredients to your own startup idea from the best of the web on British startups!

The climate for startups is supportive and if you need to know where to begin, a whole organization devotes itself entirely to inspiring and mentoring entrepreneurs.

To move forward, the proper funding is essential. A startup to start your startup like Seedr, the British take on Kickstarter, offers the opportunity to acquire the necessary funds in unconventional ways.

These crowdfunding platforms have funded British startups like Ghost, a blogging platform which recently launched as well as Vamp, a bridge between new technology and old speakers.

But, for an idea to continue to develop, you will require sound advice from the experienced. And forget your fear of failure!

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