Best of the web on cost-saving tips

Keep on top of your business’s cash flow with our best of the web on cost-saving tips. They might just save you a pretty penny.

Cost-saving tips save money

(Hat tip to 401(K) 2013 for the photo.)

Cash flow is a critical part of any small business. Here’s a collection of cost-saving tips to help you stay on top of it.

Reviewing your everyday operational office costs is about as fun as it sounds but it could very quickly save you a small fortune.

Inc. avoids quick-fix, short-sighted solutions and recommends these five strategic changes.

Microsoft suggests reviewing your marketing strategy and budget to ensure your marketing efforts are cost-effective.

Unum has a very clear and helpful infographic about cutting costs for businesses.

Go paperless to save both money and time. Start by scanning your most important documents with your iPhone.

Consider working remotely and letting your employees do the same; it can both cut costs and improve efficiency. It means less office space and equipment, no wasted time commuting, reduced power usage and happier employees.

Tired of late or non-existent invoice payments? Try these six ways to get your invoices paid on time.

If all of this sounds like too much work, cut costs with five things you can do today.

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