Best of the web on entrepreneurial wisdom

When starting or running your own business, it never hurts to hear a little entrepreneurial wisdom from the people who’ve been there and done it.

Hearing entrepreneurial wisdom

You might be considering starting your own business, fresh into a startup or in the thick of your own fully-fledged company, but every entrepreneur can benefit from a little advice and encouragement from those in the know. From around the web, we bring you the best of sound entrepreneurial wisdom.

Without a doubt, you want your business to get off to a strong start. If it’s your first time as a business owner, ask for advice from those with experience.

Experienced entrepreneurs have their favorite pieces of wisdom and have learned to recognise bad guidance.

In a time christened as the entrepreneurial revolution, natural leaders find success and from their new positions of influence they can then share what they have learned.

And for the next generation, teach them to create, not meet the status quo. Tell them to stay in school, but grow up to do what they love.

Then, since it’s the weekend, grab a cup of coffee and take a break.

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