Best of the web on Kickstarter campaigns

Kickstarter campaigns of various sizes and shapes have caused quite a stir since the site started in 2009. This is our best of the web on what we’ve seen.

Kickstarter booster rocket

Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, supports business ideas, creative ventures and innovative products. Kickstarter successes may be inspirational and the failures possibly cautionary, but the projects hail from diverse categories of interest.

Foodies can support a proper cup of tea from a vintage van or a gourmet meal from a double-decker bus.

Those in London can get a clearer tube map or support the ability to learn Chinese while riding the tube.

You can support independent artists and their artwork or an app to capture the moments in your own life.

And backers get incredibly excited about certain projects while other projects go unsupported.

Kickstarter draws some speculation on where crowdfunding fits into business or what happens after a project reaches its goal and even its gift-oriented structure.

But, because of Kickstarter, artists and innovators have been able to complete projects that might otherwise have gone unnoted!

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