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Take a look at what Microsoft is doing to meet the needs of its customers. The changes in company organisation, products and services may surprise you.

Microsoft news stall

(Hat tip to JimsFlicker for the photo.)

High times or hard times, after 38 years, Microsoft makes news. Even with the competition of Apple and Google, the company holds a firm place in the world of computing software. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on right now in Microsoft news:

You may have heard that CEO Steve Ballmer will retire this year causing much speculation as to who will step into his place. The company is already heading in a new direction and needs someone to keep it moving forward. Releases like Windows 8.1 are a signal to the company’s new direction.

The tools Microsoft offers are changing too. Microsoft has more to offer than Windows. They’ve joined the tablet game with the release of the Surface tablets which make a pretty big statement in Trafalgar Square much like the statement in Vancouver for the Xbox One.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is strategizing its quest into the cloud by recognising the difference between old and new and the acquisition of Nokia looks like an effort to grow the new. The company plans to stay a step ahead by supporting 3-D printing before it’s available at a consumer level. And the original founder still has a thing or two to say.

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