Best of the web on productivity

A collection of productivity-boosting pearls of wisdom to make you feel better about the fact that Monday is only two days away.

Productivity – coffee shop cup

Happy Friday everyone. The recent hype around the productivity-inducing properties of coffee shops was no news to me: I’ve been an advocate for years. I just hope English coffee shops bring in a white chocolate, pumpkin mocha soon. (Travelling back to Ohio where I had this one probably wouldn’t be such a productive idea!)

Don’t worry, if you don’t like coffee you can still benefit from the hum.

It seems like professional smartphone apps are finally coming of age.

Be careful not to be fooled by productivity myths.

Would you hand the keys to your email over to an online valet?

Productivity is all well and good, but have we become addicted to life-hacking for its own sake?

And as you sink happily into the weekend, remember: you don’t have to dread Monday morning.


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