Best of the web on meetings

Meetings can be a painful part of business. From around the web, we help you identify the worst of the worst and try to help you make the best of it.

Meetings in progress

Meetings are viewed as a necessary evil of the business world. Before we tell you how we really feel about meetings, let’s get started on a positive note:

There are ways to make a meeting better. They aren’t all a waste of time, but some definitely miss the mark.

Remember, it’s the number one killer of productivity. It’s about shifting meetings and managers to do work, not just talk about it.

There is disagreement at the executive level about a meeting’s effect on creativity. But there is a consensus on how easily a meeting can take a turn for the worst. You have to know when to call it.

At all costs, avoid derailment. If you’re past the point of return, consider a game of buzzword bingo or therapeutic doodling.

Before you call a misery, I mean, meeting, consider the costs. When is enough, well, enough? Nevermind, we’ll meet on it.

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