Best of the web on website redesign

This week’s best of the web covers the basics, the pitfalls and the reasons why of a brilliant website redesign. Absorb, deploy and increase your visitors.

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Online presence is essential for small businesses. If your website is due for a redesign then why not aim high? Get potential customers to land on your page, find the information they want and become a regular visitor, all by following these curated tips on website redesign from around the web. 

At the start, acquire the ability to identify good website design and bad website design.

Understand what makes those sites good or bad and what good design really is.

Accept advice from those who have redesigned and find the right person to help you.

Know that, like all contract work, you are subject to the ‘pick two’ principle.

Focus on improving the home page and the basic fundamentals of web design.

Recognize that copy and design are both important.

Don’t be that client, but know when to stand your ground so your site is not branded the worst of the worst.

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