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It’s not about long hours and working weekends. Improving your efficiency in the workplace means having time for more than the essentials, and having fun.

Efficiency using calendar, notes and coffee

(Thanks to Etenil for the photo)

Fight the good fight for efficiency at work. Some still value hours worked over work completed. This thinking can cause your most efficient worker to dawdle.

Everyone has different ideas about what it means to be efficient. Some try too hard and it has a negative effect on your business. You can’t always do away with what distracts you. Understanding how you work best, whether night owl or early bird, will help.

You want to be efficient so that your business runs efficiently. You might need a change in scene or simply a break. In the name of efficiency, you might adopt an unorthodox strategy.

To get back to our not so efficient friends and families, we have to strive for efficiency at the office. There’s an art to deciding what needs to be done. Have faith that efficiency is more than a myth.

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