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A giant pile of work, personal issues or a disgruntled colleague can derail even the best worker, so we’ve found the greatest ways to regain your motivation

Motivation slogan

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Your office is full of human beings. Remember that no matter whether you are at a desk, on a special project, a team leader or the boss.

A boss or team leader can solve presenteeism by keeping the workplace motivated. Provide clear goals and a strategy that includes culture to energise the office.

Motivation is not a one-time monetary bonus. It is different for different people. Building morale is all in the details of what the employees in your office will respond to.

Motivate people to innovate in the workplace by managing creativity. Both employers and employees need a sense of purpose and autonomy. A little recognition never hurt either.

For the home worker or start up, self-motivation is vital. When it’s just you, you make the rules. Stay in touch with the outside world and know what you love about what you do. That’s the best motivation in the world.

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