Best of the web on software development blogs

A few absolute must-reads for anyone connected to software development or project management.

The weekend is upon us again, so it’s time to catch up on a little light technology reading…enjoy! Here are the three software blogs that are in my must-read list on Feedly.

If you are even tangentially connected to software development or project management, I strongly recommend these blogs.

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  1. Very useful information given by you here, this post definitely explains essential ideas to its guests. Thanks for continuous to create such awesome material…

  2. Thank you so much for this article and the blogs. I am actually in the same situation as the author in Coding Horror except I majored in Information Technology. Once you get out of school, you do not know what the working field will hold for you and expect to be surprised for a bit before getting the swing of things, especial in CS and related fields.

    Eric |

  3. Hey ! Really So Helpful Article And Information that you have Provide, i Like the concept coding Horror where you provide the various points about HTTPS or encryption. I Have recently use this.. Thanks For Sharing

  4. Hey Mathew,

    Thanks for putting together this post on best of the web on software development blogs, it is a great read. I particularly find your thoughts about coding Horror interesting.
    Keep up these insightful posts.


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