Better time off calendar – Turbine 8.12 release notes

We just released an update to Turbine with big improvements to the in-app calendar and other time off features, making it easier to book and manage time off.

Improved time off calendar in

We just released an update to Turbine with some improvements and bug fixes.

  • Improvements to the in-app calendar view. We spruced up the icon to switch views and it now shows the employee name as well as their picture and you can click on a time off request or a user name to get more information. More improvements coming soon.
  • The whole-day / half-day switch is more obvious now. Some users found it difficult to create half day holidays and hopefully this will make it more intuitive.
  • The time off list now shows the type of time off (e.g. holiday, sick day etc.).
  • Added autocomplete for folders on staff hand book pages
  • We totally removed the teams limit from plans and pricing. Now you can have as many teams as you like whatever plan you are on. Yeah, free teams! Go crazy!
  • We deleted the ‘proportional’ rollover strategy. This was the end-of-year rollover concept from hell and it caused more confusion than any other feature of Turbine. It’s gone now. Good riddance.
  • We improved the privacy controls on the dashboard so that users can only see what they should see.
  • We have deprecated the appraisals module. We haven’t deleted it but it’s not switched on by default for new users. We don’t plan to add more capabilities to this module but we will continue to support it for people who currently use it. We hope to replace it with something more flexible and exciting later this year.
  • Various minor bug fixes, tweaks and admin improvements.

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