Best of the web on the latest Apple news

Following Apple’s announcement last week, we look at the best of recent Apple news on the web. Still no word on the iWatch…

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(Hat tip to Adrian for the photo)

Information on the iWatch was, disappointingly, not forthcoming in the latest announcement from Apple, but that doesn’t mean there were no juicy details.

The company announced the new, thinner iPad Air, a new iPad Mini complete with Retina screen and, last but certainly not least, the new Mac Pro – another nail in the coffin of the disk drive. But will anyone pay $3,000 for this ‘space-age-y trash can’? How about a red one for only $60,000?

More importantly, Apple fired a shot across Microsoft’s bow by offering its latest operating system, OS X Mavericks, and iWorks and iLife software suites for nothing to those buying new devices. Although whether this tactic works remains to be seen; iWorks has never really been a winner in the productivity software market and long-time users of the software have been complaining about missing features.

If you’re after the real nitty-gritty of Apple’s recent announcement, Mac Rumors gives a blow-by-blow account of exactly what was revealed.

No Apple announcement would be complete, however, without the inevitable comedic backlash.

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