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Google is a lot more than a search engine and the company does more than set the standard for workplace perks. Check out what Google is doing these days.

Google logo on the side of a building

(Thanks to Brionv for the photo)

We ask Google a lot of questions. If we asked Google what the company is doing right now, it would have a few answers on that too:

What started as a startup is now a giant in the business world. Google’s workplace is as famous as its search engine. The employees are strategically chosen, but it’s subject to the same office politics as other corporations. The perks are now old news.

They’re keeping up with competitors, but startups still rise to challenge them.

They might be cutting back on creative time, but that doesn’t mean there’s no output. They will help you keep time, give you clearer vision and bring music to your ears.

They continue to take on some big tasks like solar energy, scanning texts and neck tattoos.

Amidst all the tech, Google finds time to pull a few heartstrings, do your grocery shopping and show people the world one streetview at a time.

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