Simple budgeting and purchasing in Turbine

We just added a simple way to set and track budgets in the latest version of Turbine. Now you can set a budget for your cost centres and track spending.

Simple Budgeting and Purchasing in Turbine - picture shows calendar, charts and spreadsheets

We just added a simple way to do budgeting in the latest version of Turbine.

Here’s how to set and track budgets, purchase requests and spending in Turbine.

  1. In the Settings menu select Purchases and Expenses
  2. You can add a new cost centre or edit an existing one
  3. Tick the with budget checkbox by a cost centre to add a budget to that cost centre.
  4. Enter a budget for the current period in the box to the right and click Save. When is the current period? Whatever you think it is. What happens when you want to change the budget? Just change it. It couldn’t be easier.
  5. Now, when anyone requests a purchase using Turbine and they select that cost centre, they will see the remaining budget on the PO request form (just under the total).
  6. When the request is made, the budget doesn’t decrease. That only happens with it is approved.
  7. So when a manager comes to approve a PO request, they see the same available budget information and they can decide whether or not to approve, edit, reject or bounce a request.
  8. Once the PO is approved, the budget amount for that request is reduced by the amount of the PO.
  9. When the available budget falls below zero, both requesters and managers get a warning but the system doesn’t stop them requesting or approving a PO even if they are overspent on the budget (hey, who hasn’t gone a little over budget now and again). The system is designed to help you keep track of budgets but it’s up to managers to approve spending responsibly.

See the help section for more information about setting up purchasing in general.

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