A practical pitch deck from the guys at Buffer

A big thumbs up for Buffer for sharing their pitch deck, and aiming to make life easier for other businesses.

Thumbs up for pitch deck

Here at Turbine we are big fans of reducing paperwork headaches, and sharing the tips and tricks that make life simpler. And so too, it appears, are the guys at Buffer. They decided to release the pitch deck they used to raise $500,000 for their startup.

“With Buffer, our goal is to take our ideas of transparency for our company to a whole new level. That’s why it was very important for us to make this slide deck public. This slide deck is far from perfect. As previously mentioned, it probably falls into the average category. But it was what at the end of the day helped us raise the funds to turn Buffer into the company it is today.” – Leo Widrich (@leowid), co-founder of Buffer.

So, we thought it was a good idea to help them spread the word, and also say well done to Buffer, for sharing from experience and aiming to help others succeed.

[slideshare id=20684215&doc=buffer-seed-round-deck-130506180753-phpapp01]

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