Are you an entrepreneur or a manager? Take our 30-second test!

Managers and entrepreneurs are both alike in dignity but very different in outlook. Which one are you?

The Mac guy and the PC guy from the TV adverts

A couple of years ago, I asked if you were a Looney Tunes person or a Disney person.

(Clue: Disney people like rhyme, Looney Tunes people like rhythm.)

This got me thinking about the difference between managers and entrepreneurs.

Both alike in dignity, as the saying goes, but with very different outlooks on life. Which one are you? 

Instructions: tick all the boxes that apply to you and then compare the total number of ticks in each column.

Manager Entrepreneur
Wants to be somebody Wants to do something
PC Mac
Excel PowerPoint
Consistency Spontaneity
Competitive Innovative
Orchestra conductor Jazz pianist
Brains Guts
Metrics Results
Status anxiety Cash flow anxiety
Tries to impress the boss Tries to impress VCs
Reads The Economist Reads Fast Company
Studies Machiavelli Studies John Boyd
Evolution Revolution
Process Context
Starbucks Monmouth
Engineering Architecture
Writes reports Writes blog posts
Classification Prioritisation
Golf lessons Flying lessons
Welch Branson
Motivational Inspiring
96 hour week 96 hour week

Did we miss anything? How do you tell the difference? Which one are you?

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