10 awesome ways to manage your inbox

Adopting a management style for your inbox is the key to feeling like you run your inbox and it doesn’t run you.

Managing an overloaded inbox

At work, your inbox can cause time management problems and become a major stress. Choose an inbox management style to make your whole day more efficient. The inbox management style you adopt can be a system, a personal habit or an app.


Archive folders
Every email has a folder to go into after you have read and responded to the contents. Create a folder for each category of responsibility you have and label sub folders with project names.

One topic at a time
This might seem like a directive on how to email, but will improve your ability to locate information using the search function in your email. Archive emails without fear of losing the content.

Eliminate distractions
Unsubscribe from junk mail and disable social media notifications. Have a folder for subscription emails that you want to read later. If you have time, it’s there for you. If you don’t get around to reading it, you’ve eliminated the distraction.


Only check emails at certain times during the day. First thing in the morning and after lunch is a good starting point, but your schedule will determine what’s best.

Hot potato
If you open it, handle it and eliminate the task it presents immediately. This habit will prevent you from looking in your inbox until you have time to read and answer the emails.


Apps can help you achieve the coveted inbox zero. Mailbox lets you ‘snooze’ certain emails to handle later. You can send them to the next day or next week based on their importance.

Taper only lets you have five emails in your inbox at once. To see the next set, you have to handle the first five. Emails can be filtered by importance so the ones from your boss or about the big project are always first.

Mailstrom categorizes emails as they come in by person or subject. This allows you to easily delete or archive in bulk. The app can do the work of prioritizing your inbox for you. It follows the settings you provide.

This app allows emails to show up on your smart phone as note cards. You flip one way to archive or another to keep it in your inbox. It is possible to respond on the spot if necessary.

Inky prioritizes your emails for you. Emails from close or important contacts flow to the top of the list. Spam and subscription emails are sent to the bottom.

You can organize your own system or let an app do it for you. But the sooner you get your inbox under control, the more at ease you’ll feel that your time is being well spent as you handle emails.

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