How to keep employees happy with apps

It’s good business to keep employees happy. Find out why it’s so important and how apps can help you do so on a small business budget

Thumbs up: keep staff happy

All business owners have experienced that sinking feeling as a great employee hands in their notice. Some employees leave because they feel unappreciated. Some dislike changes in their role or hate the work environment. Whatever the cause, employees often leave because they are unhappy.

Why spend the time and money?

Your goal should be to keep individuals for the long haul. Keeping employees happy with their position saves you the task of finding and training suitable replacements.

Keeping employees happy not only saves you time and money, but can help your business grow. Happy employees prove more productive, more resilient and more innovative.  You need those qualities in a team to build and maintain a successful business

Can you keep employees happy with apps?

The workforce is changing. Employees want to feel their time at work is worthwhile. You hold the power to make your workers feel appreciated and to help them find a healthy balance with their home life.

For a small business, excessive perks are not in the company budget, so we have a few apps to show you that can keep employees happy without requiring the keys to a private jet:

Achievers awards points to employees for meeting goals. Points can be earned for everyday achievements or given to motivate and encourage. Points are cashed in for gift certificates and merchandise. Employees can even collect points to donate a cash value to their favorite charity.

TinyPulse collects feedback from your employees anonymously. Your staff rates their feelings about the workplace. They have the opportunity to make you aware of any issues. This helps you catch warning signs that employees are unhappy.

Your employees need to know how they are doing. The idea of iAppreciate is to recognize milestones for individual employees. Employees can also send notes of encouragement to their peers.

Part of work-life balance is feeling like you can still lead a healthy lifestyle. Zesty works like other apps to find nearby restaurants, but offers a healthy selection. You can even set filters to fit special diets.

Part of leading a healthy lifestyle is exercise, but fitting in a workout is difficult. Moves tracks your activity throughout the day. If you walk down the street to mail a package or up a flight of stairs to your office, it counts!

Make your office a place employees want to be. Of course attitude is more important than clever apps, but if you’ve got the will, these apps give you a way to keep your staff smiling.

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