Turbine’s 30-day small business guide to moving to the cloud: implement

Week three of our small business guide to moving to the cloud covers implementation, feedback and making sure everyone is on board, informed and happy.

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You assessed your need for the cloud and strategized the move in week one. In week two, you made decisions about what the move would mean for your business. In the third week, watch the cloud become a part of your small business as you put your plan into practice.

Moving to the cloud week three: implement

1. Make the switch. Some recommend switching in phases or having a pilot team to work out any initial issues. The pace of your transition will depend on the size and the nature of your business. The role your employees play this week is vital to the process.

2. Teach the teachers. Identify the natural teachers in your business and use their skills in the transition. Task them to fully understand the new programs. Not everyone will take to the cloud right away: avoid a revolving door to your office and allow the teachers to handle general questions.

3. Let the collaborators collaborate. If you have a team that works together, allow them to test out the collaboration tools. Open up communication between the team and yourself to make sure you understand the full benefits and what is going to change about collaboration in your office. They may foresee uses for the cloud you didn’t even anticipate.

4. Manage the managers. A switch to the cloud may result in a change in the office environment and the way your managers operate. Let them know this switch will enable them to reinforce their message, but will also change the way projects are managed.

  • ž      Give clear expectations and an avenue for feedback.
  • ž      Let them know who the teachers are for when they have questions.
  • ž      Check that your managers plan to adapt.

5. Contact clients and vendors. Communicate that your operations have officially switched over to any clients or vendors affected by the switch.

  • ž      Be certain they understand the actions they need to take.
  • ž      Let them know you are available for questions.
  • ž      Show confidence in your decision to move forward with the cloud.

Your business is officially moved to the cloud, but the process doesn’t stop there. In order to ensure your business gets the most out of the move, you need to monitor the transition and evaluate its impact and you need to make sure that the goals you set at the beginning are being met. In week four, we’ll outline the steps to make sure the cloud continues to work for you well into the future.

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