Turbine’s 30-day small business guide to moving to the cloud: monitor

In our final week, we help you make sure that moving to the cloud means staying there and that all the goals and benefits you set out in week one are met.

Moving to the cloud - Monitor with graphs and calculator

The first steps for moving your business to the cloud were to research, plan and act. Once you’ve implemented the cloud into your business, the final step is to then monitor how the cloud is working for your employees and make sure it’s meeting your business goals.

Moving to the cloud week four: monitor

1. Receive feedback. You considered how the cloud would improve your business. As you see it in action, you or your employees may notice other ways it can change the way you operate. To receive feedback, either:

  • Hold a regular meeting where your team can voice concerns or recommendations.
  • žAssign teams to report their findings either verbally or in writing. Have a template for them to follow to ensure useful feedback.
  • žLook for measurable goals like increased productivity, improved customer service or tangible cost savings.

2. Check commitment. The level of dedication your staff feels can surface in feedback, but look closely at departments and individuals to check commitment. If anyone is holding fast to the old ways, find out why. Check commitment by looking for a few specific markers:

  • Is there paper where your office should now be paperless?
  • žDo individuals show frustration openly or quietly?

Most likely, either an employee does not understand the apps or is overwhelmed by the transition. Have employees help each other either through teaching or assisting keep championing the move to the cloud.

3. Monitor quality of service. Cloud programs boast that they improve customer service. Monitor improvements and any area where employees are struggling. Check response times, results of collaboration and professionalism in communications and services for clients.

4. React. The feedback from your team will be valuable to make the cloud successful in your business. Act on it. Address any issues in commitment or quality of service right away.

5.  Enjoy being part of the cloud. Countless small businesses are using the cloud for part or all of their business operations. Take a look at how your business has changed in just 30 days and imagine the possibilities for the future.

In just 30 days, your business transitioned to the cloud through weekly achievable goals.

This guide outlines your move into the cloud in just a month’s time, but your business will continue to develop inside the cloud. If you’ve considered moving all or part of your small business to the cloud, we hope this guide shows you it’s not only possible, but practical and full of potential too.

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