Life’s a Breezi: review of PlaceIt

PlaceIt, from the developers of Breezi, lets you create website and app screenshots with realistic backdrops. We look at how it can help your business.

Placeit demo screenshot

(Hat tip to PlaceIt for the background image)

PlaceIt was created by the folks that brought us Breezi – a foolproof visual website creation tool that requires no use or knowledge of coding – and it shows. Just like Breezi, PlaceIt does what it says on the tin very elegantly:

‘Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments’

PlaceIt allows you to upload a screenshot of your website or app and then pastes it on to one of its many ‘stages’. These backgrounds feature blank laptop, tablet or smartphone screens in suitable environments, such as in the office, in the car, at home with the kids and so on. You can see an example in the bit of shameless self promotion above.

Far from just looking pretty, the realistic environments let your customers see your app or website in action and help them to visualise how they might use it. You won’t find pristine white and pastel backgrounds with magically suspended devices here (well, okay, maybe a few).

Joking aside, the ability to produce professional-looking product images so easily is a real boon for a business looking to quickly build up and enhance their marketing collateral.

Best of all, it’s a completely free service and the images are provided under a Creative Commons licence so you’re free to share, adapt and use the images for commercial purposes, as long as you attribute it to PlaceIt.

The bottom line

All in all PlaceIt is a very clever tool. It’s perfect for the cash-strapped startup or small business that wants a simple, quick and free way to market its product or website. And, used in conjunction with Breezi, it would make for a powerful website creation tool for those that lack the time or resources to commission a costly professional website.

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