Turbine release notes versions 10.6 to 10.10

We’ve been busier than Santa’s reindeer on Christmas Eve. The last four releases of Turbine added lots of new improvements and fixed a lot of irritating little bugs. We also released a brand new version of the main marketing website and fully integrated the ZenDesk support system.

Santa's reindeer

Happy holidays from everyone at Turbine!

  • Completely new design for TurbineHQ.com website
  • Integrated ZenDesk support into the main Turbine website
  • Add ability to enter information with specific symbols to PO details field.
  • Add advice field to the users form to redirect them on statistics page.
  • Add ability to punctuation and currency symbols to text fields.
  • Removed attachments from expense and PO PDFs
  • Fixed ‘delete attachments’ bug so now you can actually delete attachments
  • Added ability to enter currency symbols into text fields on POs and expenses
  • Fixed currency view on purchases and in emails
  • Implemented support for sign-in, sign-up and password reset to support new marketing site
  • Fixed calendar for ‘next year’ and ‘Christmas’
  • Fixed page scrolling for teams
  • Added tips for adding new users
  • Added ability to uncomplete and unreceive POs and expenses (only available on request via support)
  • Fix pending days calculation on the calendar
  • Return supplier details to demands index and csv export
  • New design and user interface for team management
  • Removed forms, feedbacks and appraisal code and data
  • We show more information about employees to non-managers on the employee list

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