The 10 most ridiculous business apps

Business apps are fantastic for productivity and mobile working, but as with anything someone always takes it too far: here are 10 of the worst offenders.

Business glossary app

An update to Newton’s third law: For every great business app created, there is an equally ridiculous business app in existence.

1. Business Card Design by Alteru

A vast number of virtual business card creators exist, but this has shiny gold designs that you really don’t want your name on.

Business card app


2. Business by NoTie LLC

They clearly spent a lot of time naming this, but not working out why it exists. It’s a series of sounds like applause, babies crying, alarm bells and an ‘ahem.’ No one will thank you for bringing this to a meeting.

3. Business Buzzwords by Longball Apps

Use key words to say nothing or join those meetings that no one wants to sit through.

4. Business Notebook – Secret by MultiMobile Ltd.

Not exactly the look I want my supposed best ideas to have, but maybe I’m being sentimental.

Notebook business app

5. Company Name Generator by Innobyte Web Development

According to this, my company’s name could be ‘Mustardtonne.’ It’s entertaining, but names are too important to come from an app.

6. George Quick Business Portraits by Milwaukee Based LLC

Trust me, you don’t want to use this app to create a picture for professional purposes.

Business portrait app

7. Glossary of Business Acronyms by Intersog

Surely you could just Google those acronyms for free?

8. Business Ringtone Box by CreaTion

Someone will have to explain to me what makes these business ringtones. Oh, and your phone should be on silent in the office anyway.

9. Business Idea Generator by Mindskate Limited

It just gives you three random words. Great. Thanks. Very inspirational.

10. Business Success Affirmation by i-Mobilize, Inc.

I understand that business owners need encouragement, but if an app is acting as your business mentor, there’s a different problem that should be addressed first.

Business affirmation app

There may be an app for everything, but that doesn’t mean you have to use them all.

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