An argument for SaaS: Cheap, effective or customised

SaaS can be any two of three things: cheap, customised and effective. We explain the options and what they mean to your business when moving to the cloud.

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You can’t have it all. Cloud computing can’t be cheap, effective and customised. You must choose just two when moving your business to the cloud. Understand what the choice means to see how SaaS fits into your business strategy.


What’s the point of moving to the cloud if the software isn’t effective? This is the priority. If you’re moving to the cloud, the program you choose has to be effective. To know you have effective software, you can have it designed specifically for your business or find a program that will serve you well as it is.

Find out how effective an SaaS application is by asking how it will help your business. Will it streamline work or consolidate roles? Does it make collaboration and communication easier?

Effective is just another word for quality. In the same way you don’t want to compromise quality in the products or services you provide, don’t compromise on choosing a quality product to help your business run.


The reality of a small business is a small business budget. That said, you still have to provision for growth. That means facilitating new transactions or processes and preparing for more users. But how does that fit into your IT budget?

For a lot of small businesses, a large upfront cost and over provisioning is not an option. SaaS uses a subscription pricing model that allows your business to avoid paying for more than you need, but to scale up as and when you require. Customised software has a different price tag.


Many make the move to the cloud to save money. In the same way a tailored suit costs more than a suit from a department store, custom programming costs a lot more than a subscription to a standard service.

You may be worried that without your own program, you won’t have the personalisation you need. Check with SaaS providers. They may offer ‘native’ customisation features that give you flexibility at the same standard cost.

Do you really need custom? A standard product could help your company streamline your business model in a way you never thought. Before you dismiss the standard, consider your company’s ability to adapt.

What’s important?

If a customised product is cheap, question the quality. If it’s in your budget to get customised programming, then go for it, but why not save money?

Standard SaaS applications perform core, essential functions, perform them well and are available at a low cost. You can’t have it all, but you can have everything you need in SaaS.

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