The secret savings of self-service HR

Don’t let personnel requests get pushed to the bottom of your priority list. Learn how self-service HR can allow a small business to take control.

self-service HR keyboard and dollar savings

Even in a small business, human resources is a necessary operation. Time off, expenses and records might seem simple with only a few employees at the start, but you want to think about putting a system in place that will let your business easily accommodate growth.

The answer is to take care of personnel data and requests through self-service HR to save time and improve your use of resources.

How do I save time?

Mobile availability. Employees can access requests for time off from home when they are thinking about the upcoming appointment. They can upload receipts and request expense reimbursement even on the road. The stress level decreases when requests can be handled in real time.

Access to records. The cloud makes employee records easy to access. You can compare dates before approving to make sure you’re not sending your whole office to the beach in the same week. Employees are also able to see their past requests to avoid a blunder.

Minimized admin work. HR requests can require approval from multiple people. You still have to get the appropriate copies in the right places and record the approved request in a database. With self-service HR, the request is already in the database, can be approved with one click by all necessary parties and it’s automatically saved to the employee’s record.

How do I improve the use of resources?

Accurate data. When employees have access to the data stored in the self-service application, they can update emergency contact numbers, changes in address and other personal information. Your database is up to date with the minimum amount of people needed.

Decreased paperwork. The paperless office isn’t a myth. Even if you aren’t entirely paper free, HR is one place where you won’t miss the filing cabinet. Keeping records in the cloud saves paper and storage space in your office.

Consistent spending. With requests in the cloud, you can maintain consistency in the requests you approve and easily catch unauthorized spending. Past expenses can be archived to compare against future claims.

Make HR happen for your business

Saving time and resources saves money which is important to any business owner. Self-service HR helps avoid duplicated efforts, excess spending and wasted resources.

Turbine offers self-service HR and is a great place to start when trying to streamline your HR! Improving the efficiency of your human resources through self-service HR will leave you with the time, resources and peace of mind to focus on clients.

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