Startup heroes: who to watch

New business ventures launch each year, but not all tell a good story. Here we bring you a list of inspiring startup heroes that truly innovate and inspire.

Startup heroes

Startups are about innovation. They bring new ideas and approaches to existing and previously unnoticed problems. Not all startups succeed, but here are a few startup heroes who have emerged with great success or great promise.

Meredith Perry – uBeam

Founder Meredith Perry is hailed as an innovator in a world where countless useless apps are made each day. Her company is behind uBeam, a product that wirelessly and simultaneously charges the batteries of multiple devices. Perry and her idea are getting a lot of attention.

Still in its beginning stages, uBeam will one day charge a whole room of devices without ever connecting to a single phone, laptop or tablet. Stay up to date on the progress of uBeam via Twitter.

Jonathan Hefter – Neverware                                                                                             

Neverware is software that makes an old computer run like new. This is incredibly important when you consider the lack of funding available for schools to purchase new computers. By reviving equipment, it grants students access to good tools once again.

The company was founded in 2011 and the product launched at the beginning of 2013 and certainly holds the key to a large market, especially in the public sector.

Georg Petschnigg – Fiftythree

This start-up launched its app Paper in 2012. In less than a year, the company won countless industry awards for design, was given Apple’s App of the Year award and worked with Kensington Palace on a special exhibition.

Fiftythree continues to add features and share their goals to improve collaboration for professional creatives.

Julie Uhrman – Ouya

Inspired by the days of sitting around the television trying to rescue Princess Peach, putting players back in the same room is just one motivation behind this video game console. Ouya got its funding from Kickstarter and recently launched some of its first products.

What makes Ouya different is that the company encourages developers by making it easy to not only create a game, but also put it on the market.

Kim Rees – Periscopic

The company seeks to ‘do good with data’ making information easy to understand and appealing to read through good design.

They have worked with big companies, but what sets them apart from the everyday infographic creator is the focus on helping non-profit organisations. The firm works to make data on social issues effective.

Alex Hawkinson – Smart Things

Home automation is a thing. I worked at a remodelling company and can personally attest that this trend is strong, but I’ve also seen the steep price quote for professional installation. Alex Hawkinson and his founding team seek to make home automation affordable. The company could emerge a leader in the industry and change the definition of the modern home.

To be worth watching, a startup must solve a real problem or offer a new way of doing something. To succeed, an idea must be fully executed and a startup hero must fulfill or exceed their original promise. These are certainly the guys to keep an eye on.

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