Turbine 10.1 to 10.3 Release Notes

Turbine release notes for 10.1-10.3, including ‘Slim’ employees page and new teams interface.

Turbine screenshot

We released Turbine 10.0 (codenamed Hopper) back in July. Since then, we’ve released some minor updates to improve the application’s functionality and fix a few glitches. So these release notes contain a big combined list of what’s changed:

  • The biggest change is that we moved the whole employees section to the ‘Slim’ interface, moving the teams functionality to the Settings menu.
  • Added filter by team and statuses to the employee page.
  • Allowed managers to see their subordinates’ details.
  • Hid add employee button for non admin users.
  • Fix security for statistics page.
  • Fixed search on the employees page.
  • Do not allow non admin users visit teams page
  • Change default start date for time offs year to January 1st not December 31st.
  • Show amounts with two decimal points everywhere.
  • Add filter on time offs to show requests from the last calendar month.
  • Changed labels on the purchase and expense forms.
  • Fixed error when trying to list users from non-existent team.
  • Fixed showing blackout days on the calendar view.
  • Show roles settings only for enabled units.
  • Fixed tax rounding for the line items.
  • Fixed external csv support for not signed in users.
  • Fixed bug with suppliers bulk import.
  • Do not show request buttons for disabled modules.
  • Make comments field longer.
  • Improved validation on fields.
  • Minor fix for email notifications.
  • Add warning for multiday holidays requests. Sometimes users create a single request with four or five separate holidays in it. We recommend creating one request per vacation or absence so now we warn you about it.
  • Disable handbooks module for new companies. (We’re focusing Turbine onto four key elements: purchasing, expenses, time off and employee records. We are in the process of retiring other functionality.)
  • Multiple typos, internal improvements, refactorings and fettling.

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