Turbine 10.4 and 10.5 Release notes

Release notes for Turbine 10.5. A big update for the calendar function with huge speed improvements. Lots of important bug fixes and improvements.

Turbine screenshot

Today we had a big update for Turbine. Lots of improvements and bug fixes in today’s release notes.

The most significant is a rewrite of the time off calendar view using Canvas.js. Now it’s much, much faster and usable.

Other improvements include:

  • Add ‘Edit teams’ button to the users list page. This makes it easier for people to switch between the employee list and the team page.
  • Replace many non actively used fields on user profile with notes. This tidies up the employee records page and sweeps up the now-deleted ‘employee notes’ data.
  • Restrict certain functionality to specific teams. For example, if you need to have everyone able to book holidays but only certain people make expense claims, we can do this now.
  • Use dateselect instead of text input in the user profile page. This is easier to use and easier to localise.
  • Staff handbook. We can now enable this feature on a company-by-company basis. If you need this, contact us to enable it.
  • New settings page. Added ‘Bulk upload’ to consolidate all those options in one place.
  • Improved employee uploads. Now you can add users and send out invitation emails in two separate stages.

Bug fixes include

  • Manager can see only requests which s/he is able to approve.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements for the new calendar.
  • Fixed editing teams in Internet Explorer. Now you’ll see it as the designers intended.
  • Fix 500 error when user tried to cancel account.
  • You can now edit employee addresses again
  • Fixed an issue relating to formatting employee information
  • Fixed validation notification and changed validation text for emails.
  • We added back the ability for people to self-approve certain types of request. If you need this, contact us to enable it.


  • Removed the messages module from the application. Very few people used it and now we can devote more resources to features that are widely used.
  • Removed code related to the old employees layout
  • Removed code related to the old time off types and approve rules

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