Turbine 9.7 Release Notes

Turbine version 9.7 went live today. It adds the ability to add multiple finance people and lots of useful bug fixes and improvements.

Turbine release notes – woman in suit in front of lots of different types of workers

We went live with Version 9.7 today. It has the first fruits of the big changes we’ve been making behind the scenes with permissions: a small but neat little feature that lets you have more than one person responsible for paying expenses or order purchase requests.


We’re working on letting you have multiple team managers per team and multiple admin users per company. This should happen in the next couple of weeks. And that’s still the beginning of these changes. It’ll make Turbine more flexible and easier customise for your business.

Other changes include the addition of a bulk upload feature for supplier lists and improvements to the bulk upload feature for cost centres and new employees. This will make it much easier for new customers to set up on Turbine.

We fixed a few typos and a few bugs. Notably:

  • You don’t get an error when you click on someone’s name and you’re not allowed to see that person’s records.
  • Further permissions-based access restrictions to employee records so people can’t see what they’re not supposed to see.
  • The iPhone web app lets you add suppliers.
  • We fixed pagination on the employees page.

Plus, we unfixed something. We used to do some validation to check that the quantity of items in a purchase request was greater than zero. After all, why would you order zero of something? It’s the sort of PO request that only a mathematician could love. However, some people were really determined to do this and used to create requests with 0.00001 of something to force the total price to be zero after rounding down. We saw this happen a few times on different accounts and removed the validation. So go ahead and order nothing – we won’t stop you!

But don’t try ordering a negative number of things. You risk a catastrophic rift in the space-time continuum as your anti-PCs disappear into a black hole.

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