Turbine 9.8 Release Notes

The latest version of Turbine lets you have multiple admins and multiple team managers, among other improvements.

Turbine release notes – the whole world + the work = the whole world on a building

The whole world + the work = the whole world. And Turbine + the latest improvements in Version 9.8 = Turbine. Improvements include:

  • The addition new ‘roles’ settings page where you can add multiple people to buy requested items or pay approved expense claims.
  • Separated the role of ‘Company Owner’ from ‘Admin’ so now you can have multiple admin users.
  • Restricted some functions to the account owner, such as cancelling the account or changing credit card details.
  • Moved some settings from the old settings menu to our admin control centre so we can do things in response to customer requests but we don’t clutter up the settings menu with options that don’t make sense for most customers.
  • You can now have multiple team managers per team. Just select a team from the Employees page and then enter names into the box. This big improvement will make a lot of Turbine rollouts much simpler.
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t see employee pictures or full names on calendar view.
  • The top of the calendar view stays visible even as you scroll down and made it easier to scroll the calendar horizontally.
  • We added a link to your email settings in notification emails so you can easily find the right place to switch off unwanted Turbine emails.
  • Plus numerous bug fixes.

We’re moving towards version 10 which will be the first version with the full, new permissions architecture that we’ve been developing. We’re making good progress and this latest version adds some major improvements customers have long waited for.

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