Turbine V9.2 and V9.3 release notes

Turbine V9.2 and V9.3 release notes: set bank holidays and weekends and add user-created suppliers to the approved supplier list.

Yuri Gagarin – Turbine release notes

We’ve just released the latest ‘Gagarin’ update for Turbine today. There are a couple of useful improvements and lots of tweaks and bug fixes.

Bank holidays and weekends

First, we’ve improved the user interface for the blackout days in the Time Off settings page. You can pick individual blackout days, such as bank holidays on the calendar and you can also select specific days of the week (e.g. weekends) that recur every week. Employees cannot book time off on blackout days.


Set default tax rates

Rather than manually entering tax on every purchase or expense line item, the admin user can now set a default tax rate on the Purchases and Expenses settings page. For example in the UK, you might set 20% for VAT. Of course, people can still override it on individual requests but it makes things a little more efficient.


Move one-off suppliers to the approved supplier list

We already added the ability for users to create one-off suppliers for a specific purchase order or expense claim. And we have the ability for admins to create a master list of approved suppliers. Now the admin user has the ability to move selected one-off suppliers to the master list.

First, you have to enable users to add suppliers on the Purchases and Expenses settings page.


Then, when users have created a few suppliers, you can click on Edit suppliers, the click on Show temporary suppliers. User-created suppliers appear in grey.


Add them to the list by click on the pencil icon and then untick the ‘temporary supplier’ checkbox.


Accept the change and, bingo, new approved supplier.

Tweaks, improvements and bug fixes

  • We added the code for a new interactive help system for new customers. The actual help files will come soon.
  • We added the code to support localisation and extracted all (most?) of the application text to a localisation file. We still need to test this feature and build out the user interface to let customers change the language of the application. And, of course, we need to actually do the translations.
  • We updated some libraries: jQuery, file upload and Ruby on Rails. We like to keep everything up to date.
  • Fixed picture upload layout problem
  • We now raise an error if you try to create a purchase line item with a non-integer quantity (e.g. 0.5 of something)
  • Fix state filters on the schedule page
  • Restored line items submission fix
  • Change cursor for ‘Add Item’ button
  • Fix budget recalculation on edit
  • Disable sign in ability for locked companies
  • Fix link to dashboard in appraisals email
  • Date format on PDFs is according to company locale settings
  • Fix time off panel appearance after limitable switching

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