Turbine V9.4 release notes

Turbine Version 9.4 release notes. New features for trial users, decimals for purchase and expense quantities and various bug fixes.

Yuri Gagarin – Turbine release notes

This week’s release sees a few minor improvements while we continue work on localisation and a new approvals system

Improvements include:

  • When you create a new account, we create a few trial requests so you can see how Turbine works.
  • We’ve also improved the way that new users get an introduction to Turbine.
  • You can now create fractions of an item in purchases and expenses (e.g. 0.05 tonnes or 2.5 litres). Before you could only have whole numbers.
  • Fix default tax reset bug on purchase and expense form.
  • Minor improvements to the backend management system to improve customer support.

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