Turbine V9 (Gagarin) release notes

Turbine Version 9, codename Gagarin, includes major improvements to the time off functionality of Turbine with new configuration options, blackout days and calendar filtering.

Yuri Gagarin – Turbine release notes

“Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!” – Yuri Gagarin.

Our latest big release, version 9, is codenamed Gagarin in honour of the pioneering cosmonaut.

We focused on improvements to the calendar and time off functionality in this release. Changes include:

  • Blackout days. The possibility to add blackout days to the calendar. For example, you can add weekends or bank holidays to the list and stop employees booking them accidentally as a holiday. You can do this from the time off settings page. The interface is still bit basic – a comma delimited list of dates – but we’ll keep working on that.
  • New time off configuration system. Previously, if you wanted custom settings, you had to do them on a person-by-person basis. A number of our customers ended up having one configuration per employee. In the new system, you can have up to five different configurations and then choose one of them for each employee. For example, you can have a full-time, a part-time, an executive and a default configuration. When you change a configuration, everyone who uses it will get the new settings. It’s much more flexible and logical than the old system.On the transition from the old system, we’ve named the configurations after the people that use them or, where several people shared custom configurations that were identical, we’ve set up a single custom configuration for all of them. It’s worth checking and rationalising your configurations.You can switch between the different configurations, change their names and settings on the time off settings page.imageTo apply a time off configuration to a given user, go to their employee page (via the Employees icon) and use the drop down menu in the time of section.image
  • Simplified time off overdraft option. We removed the ability to limit the number of ‘overdraft’ days someone can book. Either they can book more days than they have available now or they can’t. This massively simplifies the calculations required to validate a request, removes some gnarly old code and puts the onus on employees and managers to stop employees misbehaving (which is where the responsibility lies). Of course, you can still use Turbine to stop this kind of request altogether. We recommend that you review your settings in the light of this change.image
  • Simplified default approval rules. We removed a system that automatically approved, rejected or ignored requests that went unanswered after a period of time. Instead, switch to taken automatically if the date for the request comes around and they haven’t been approved or rejected. This means that the days are docked and logged properly. The system sends out email alerts and everyone can see pending requests in Turbine so there’s no reason to miss an unapproved request. Again, this is about putting the onus on employees and managers. And again, we recommend you review your practices in the light of this change.
  • Filters on calendar view. You can now use the drop down filter menu on the calendar view to filter by team and request status. This makes it much easier to see what’s going on if you have lots of people on the system.

In addition there were a number of bug fixes, UI tweaks and performance improvements:

  • Purchases and dashboard page performance improved
  • Added popular countries (United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Ireland) to the top of the drop down countries list on users settings and suppliers form
  • Fixed status name in the csv export
  • Fixed view for the new Chrome version
  • Fixed an issue with downloading pdf file from email
  • Size of logo is the same on different pages
  • Schedule switcher on time off page was fixed
  • Fix hovering managers links
  • Fix avatar image resizing
  • Fix resizing textarea on the comment issue

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