Turbine V9.1 Release notes – Email settings, Multicurrency POs and more

The latest version of Turbine adds: email filtering controls, multi-currency POs and lots of useful improvements and bug fixes.

Yuri Gagarin – Turbine release notes email

So Turbine V9 (codename Gagarin) has already made one orbit and we’re on version 9.1. Today’s release has some great improvements, including:

  • Multi-currency purchase orders. You can choose a currency for each cost centre in the settings page and now when you select a cost centre in a purchase request, the currency used by the whole PO changes accordingly. For example, you can set up ‘Office costs (UK)’ in Pounds and ‘Office costs (US)’ in Dollars.image
  • Email filtering. This is the number one most requested feature on Turbine. And if you get copied on every state change email on every request in your company, you’ll know why! So now we’ve added the ability to choose which emails you want to get. To configure your email settings, click on your name in the top menu to get your personal information and then click Edit data. At the bottom of the edit page, you can see the email settings.image
  • More visibility for black out days. It’s now clearer which days are bookable and which days are blackout days in the calendar.
  • Usability improvements. We changed the Add new user form to give more help and guidance to admin users and make it easier for them to configure people’s time off properly, including the selection of the right time off configuration and opening balance.
  • Various bugs fixes and minor improvements. For example, we fixed a false warning that a given PO request would exceed the available budget.

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