Best of the web on Twitter for small business

Twitter has a lot of chatter and noise, but if you navigate carefully you can learn a lot and benefit from fantastic free marketing for your small business.


Twitter is more than celebrity tweets and pictures of sandwiches. For the small business owner, the platform enables you to find and form relationships with your customers, locate your competition and advertise your products and services. Free advertising never sounded so helpful.

To master the Twitter universe for your business, know the appropriate time to tweet and what counts as content.

Clever tweeting and savvy following culminates into the buzz of Twitter.

Twitter teaches brevity, but each 140 character post requires strategy behind it. Aimless wonderings only make good marketing if they have a point.

Maximize your use of Twittersphere to see the real life effects.

Learn from  others’ missteps and don’t follow after them.

Instead, follow other champions of the small business world and accept the free advice of others.

After all the strategizing and tweeting, it’s still good for a chuckle in the middle of a hectic day.

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