Turbine Version 8.11 adds budgets

The latest version of Turbine adds a flexible, easy-to-use feature for budgets and budget-setting.

Secure metal safe

The latest release is largely about security but it adds some valuable new functionality for customers too. Here’s the change list:

  • Rails upgrade. We use Ruby on Rails and a recently-discovered vulnerability in that software triggered a big upgrade and we have now installed the latest version along with new libraries and test tools. This was a big job but it’s important to keep Turbine safe and secure.
  • Add budgeting feature. Users are able to have cost centers with budgets. And see warning if the budget is exceeded.  This is a *much-requested* feature.

Other more minor improvements and bug fixes include:

  • Add possibility to drag and drop files from desktop to the expenses and purchases.
  • Fixed 404 error, which raised with big upload files.
  • Fix duplication error when admin try to create supplier with name which is already created by user.
  • Warning about days overflow was removed from unlimited time off requests.
  • Fix error when user tries to create a comment with a URL in it .
  • New companies have approve rule ‘by admin’ turned on by default. This makes the trial experience a bit easier.
  • Fix invoice link in the customer purchase receipt so now you can click through to Turbine payment receipts directly from the billing email.
  • Add possibility to enter decimal tax for purchases, e.g. 8.75% tax in California.

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