7 must-have tools for HR managers who like things simple

Recruiting, nurturing a company culture, keeping track of employee information… it’s no mean feat. These tools for HR managers make life a little simpler.

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Recruiting, retaining and engaging talent is a tough gig: you’re not just supporting your colleagues; you’re building and managing a more effective workforce. But the right tools for HR can give you the upper hand.

Picking the right tools for HR

Don’t be dazzled by products that are all bells and whistles and razzmatazz. Look for smart, simple technology that’s easy to use and that actually delivers tangible results.

Read some case studies and independent reviews and experiment a bit. Maybe pick a few people or a team in your business to trial the software and get their feedback. But always be asking ‘How does this benefit us? How will it make us more productive?’ – if you can’t answer, don’t use the product.

These are seven of the best tools for HR managers looking to make their job that little bit easier.

Recruitment – Workable and Elance

Workable flies in the face of complex, enterprise-level recruiting tools and ad-hoc spreadsheets. It’s simple, powerful and easy to use.

  • Workable streamlines your entire recruiting process – from career pages and job board syndication to analytics and social recruiting – meaning that everything’s in one place so you can easily see which stage each candidate has reached and share this information with your colleagues.
  • The analytics allow you, for example, to establish where you’re sourcing your best candidates so you can focus and hone your recruiting strategy.
  • It also has a drag-and-drop resume upload feature so you don’t have cover your desk and stuff your filing cabinet with paper CVs.
  • And, with a flexible pricing structure, you can find a plan that works for you.

If you’re looking for the ability to scale up and down with ease, use Elance. It lets you search for freelancers who have the skills you’re looking for and hire them for short-term projects, meaning you can quickly build a team for less.

Incentives – AnyPerk

When it comes to praising your staff, sometimes a bonus and a pat on the back aren’t enough, particularly for knowledge workers.

AnyPerk provides your employees with high-quality perks – everything from childcare savings to shopping discounts and travel offers – to give them a lift and keep them motivated, and it helps you attract and retain talent.

File storage – TurboScan and Dropbox

With HR comes paperwork, and it helps having all of it in the same place.

Use an iPhone document scanner app like TurboScan, or one of the many others, to convert your paper files into PDF or JPEG files and then store them in the cloud with an app like Dropbox. This gives you a searchable archive of your files so you can quickly find what you need and share it with your colleagues.

Social – Hall

As an HR manager, you also have responsibility for nurturing the right sort of company culture, a big part of which means encouraging conversation and collaboration across the business, particularly for remote teams. But that’s easier said than done.

Offering real-time chat, video chat and file sharing, Hall both recreates the water cooler moments of the office and provides an intuitive platform for effective collaboration. You and your colleagues can use it to chat, share documents and stay in the loop, anytime, anywhere.

People management – Turbine

Increasingly mobile teams also bring a new challenge to people management. How do you keep track of schedules, expenses, and employees’ personal information when your team is working here, there and everywhere?

Turbine gives you and your colleagues a simpler way to manage time off, purchase orders, expense claims and employee records. Everything’s online and in one place – so you’ll never miss Sally’s birthday again – and, with self-service functionality, employees can update their own information and manage their own time off, purchases and expenses, wherever they are.

It makes your HR paperwork a little less tedious.

Tools for HR that work for you

Ultimately, of course, you need to find the tools that work for you and your company.

It’s not about having a tool for every single eventuality, but about finding user-friendly software that can streamline your processes. So establish your needs, keep experimenting and see what fits.

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  1. Another great tool that’s very handy to have for any HR professional is an organizational chart software. Not only can you use it to visualize the employees in your organization but you can even use it identify future hires, gaps in communication and many other details relevant to the organization.

  2. One more great applicant tracking software is SignalHire, that accumulates 200M candidate profiles from different public networks. It has a complete package of ATS features for collaboration with the whole recruitment team, from small companies to large enterprises – https://www.signalhire.com/

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