10 monster Basecamp hacks for project management gurus

Thought you knew Basecamp? Think again. You might have mastered the Basecamp basics, but it’s time to step up your game with these top tips and tricks.

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Basecamp is the project management weapon of choice for many small to medium-sized businesses and, by now, you probably have a pretty solid grasp of the main features, but what about all the little tricks you’ve missed?

1. Navigate Basecamp with keyboard shortcuts
Pressing G and 1 through 6 lets you quickly switch between sections of Basecamp.
G + 1 goes to Projects
G + 2 goes to Calendar
G + 3 goes to Everything
G + 4 goes to Timeline
G + 5 goes to Everyone
G + 6 goes to Me

2. Add a Basecamp login box to your own website
Just add this code into your HTML and away you go.

3. Double click the top or bottom of a page to scroll
Double clicking at the bottom or top corners of the page will take you to the end or top of the page. Useful if you’re drowning in projects and the dashboard’s looking a little daunting.

4. Basecamp integrations
Looking to get a little more from Basecamp? Try some of these integrations and add-ons. Information Week gives a helpful rundown of seven of the best.

5. Jump to a project section with shift + click
While on a project, hold shift and then click one of the section headers (eg discussions or files) to jump to it directly.

6. Drag to reorder to-dos and to-do lists within a project
Does what it says on the tin. You can drag to-dos within a list or drop them into another list, and re-order whole lists within the project by dragging them into position. Useful if there’s a change in priority or responsibility for the task.

7. Jump to the search bar, wherever you are
If you can’t be bothered to scroll through your heaving to-do list to get back to the top of the page, hit G and F to be catapulted straight to the search bar.

8. Drag and drop files
Rather than trawling through your folders, simply drag and drop files to quickly attach them to comments and discussions or drop them anywhere on a project page to add them to the files section.

9. Google Docs support
Not a hack, but useful, nonetheless. Basecamp now (since November 2013) supports Google Docs so you can add Google Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations etc just like any other file. You can even preview them inside Basecamp.

10. Back to the future
While in the calendar, drag any event to one of the arrows in the top right to move it into the future, or the past, should you have a penchant for time travel. Useful if you want to move all of your non-desirable meetings and tasks to March 31st.

There’s always more to learn, but with this new arsenal of secrets at your disposal you’ll soon be cruising through Basecamp.

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  1. Hey. useful article – thanks. But the link to 2. Add Basecamp login details to your website is broken.

    • Hi Kirsten. Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve emended the link so it should now be working.

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