Best of the web on New Year resolutions

Whether you are for New Year resolutions or against them, your business is entering a new year. Find out how to plan to make 2014 the best year yet.

Sparkler in the night

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Whether you make an official New Year resolution or simply make it your mission to grow your business over the next 365 days, the best of the web on New Year resolutions can help you get it right:

Whatever you are determined to resolve in 2014, plan to succeed. Failure is not always a bad thing, but failure doesn’t have to be inevitable. Make a few resolutions of your own and some resolutions for your business.

Plan to lead your business into the new year by making a great plan. Make sure your employees don’t resolve to leave by keeping them happy.

You can improve yourself to do better work for your business. Break bad business habits. Resolve to take care of tech. Start a killer to-do list. Be smarter about using your smart phone calendar.

Even if you don’t make a New Year resolution, decide to work smarter and continue past the point of success this year and in each year to follow. And have a happy New Year!



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