Best of the web on Github news

From around the web, we look at the latest news surrounding Github, the site offering developers and programmers the opportunity to collaborate on coding.

Computer code on the screen of a computer

(Hat tip to Ilya for the photo)

The open source, code repository Github has exploded since its launch in 2008.

Github is a collaboration tool for more than just coding but its main goal is to encourage collaboration between individuals and companies, the programming elite and the beginners developing code.

The founders of Github have different ideas about upper level management and different ideas about company hierarchy in general.

Github recently announced its community reached 4 million. In this collective of programmers, some projects rise to the top and new libraries and plug-ins are added all the time.

Developers still need a resume, but Github offers programmers a platform to show proof of their abilities to help land the next coding job.

What started as a company to watch now has the experience and success to teach a lesson in strong passwords, hiring strategies or how to renovate an office space.

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