Best of the web on beating the January blues

By January, cold weather or the slump after the holiday upheaval can make anybody a little weary. We look to the web to beat the January blues.

Snow covered streets and trees for January blues

(Hat tip to Josh Margolis for the photo)

Cold winds and slippery sidewalks can make January a misery. For any climate, back to work can be rough after the holidays. Beat the January blues and keep your business sane until spring:

The cost of winter blues for business can be high. To get your business through January, your employees can take measures to block out the blues and so can you. If you’re seeing a lapse in productivity, check the thermostat.

Whether it is New Year resolve or spring cleaning come early, change your pace by organising an unruly inbox or making a change.

Home workers may not leave the house to work, but they still need to beat the blues. Networking is the perfect excuse to go out in the cold.

Take heart! January brings distractions in the latest tech from the Consumer Electronics Show. Dancing robots and smart household tech will definitely entertain. And you won’t miss an email or text this season.

And if the cold weather still gets you down, take your cue from the experts.

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