Best of the web on budgeting tips

Budgeting for a small business or startup can be tight, but a healthy budget is key to success. We bring you the best budgeting tips from around the web.

Budget and dollar signs written in chalk

Budgeting is finding the right balance between spending and scrimping for your business.

Your business may start with venture capital, crowd funding or old fashioned bootstrapping. But your startup needs a budget to be in business.

Marketing is a must. On no budget or a small budget, make it happen.

For the small business, look at how you can cut costs in certain departments or streamline operations. It’s not about making payroll, but turning a profit.

And how do you budget yourself as a business owner? You have to calculate your own salary, factor in expenses and keep retirement in mind.

If you get a hold of your budget, you can focus on getting better at making money. A modest, but successful company is better than a private jet and major debt.

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