Customised workflows with Turbine v10.12

The latest version of Turbine includes the ability to customise approval workflows, allowing multi-stage approval and additional states such as ‘on hold’.

Hammer and wrench

We just released the latest version of Turbine and, although little has changed on the surface, it represents a very significant milestone for the app. Why? Because we can now customise approval workflows for our customers. For example:

  • Rename different stages, so ‘Pending’ might become ‘On hold’.
  • Allow multi-stage approvals, so first your line manager and then your HR director have to approve a time off request.
  • Delete stages. Don’t need a ‘Delivered’ step for your POs? Now we can just delete it.
  • (Previously implemented) Allow self-approval for certain requests.
  • (Previously implemented) Control who can make and see certain types of requests

We do this customisation at Turbine Towers – it’s not a user-configurable option – and it requires a certain amount of planning and consulting so it’s only available to customers on the old Platinum plan and customers on the new Medium and Large plans.

The back end system gives us very fine control over who see requests and change their state.









If you need customisation, contact us and we’ll figure it out for you!

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